I post wayyy too little Red/Green, and even less Origin bbys (´A`”) This needs to be changed, hnnnng;!

nerdswag101 said: How would you describe red personality and green?

That’s a difficult question because there’s two reds (Manga and Game) and then there’s two Greens. 

Game Red: a bit of a hollow archetype character, he’s you basically, a protagonist who has a sense of justice (when it comes to Team Rocket) and basically wants to be the best trainer he can be. He’s also kinda stoic from what we can tell from future games. 

Manga Red: A bit more spunky than his game counterpart, but still a typical hero, also has a sense of justice, is very affectionate with his Pokemon and has a good relationship with his rivals (Blue and Green) Kinda goofier too, which is where we get Ash’s personality a bit.

Game Green: Starts off as your mean rival, but has really strong character development and becomes a protagonist in his own right, though he has that jaded quality about him. 

Manga Green: Again, a little more fleshy, since the game versions are mostly avatars, his mean streak is more prankish but also more entertaining. Has a “cool factor” about him which is later exaggerated in Gary.

So those are my thoughts! Sorry for the novel!

usedteddybear-love said: LOVE your blog!! I've played mainly generations 3/4 in the past, but I'm just now crazy with Gary x Ash and Green x Red in the fan base. As a result, this lively blog is like total heaven! <3 Have a great evening~ (It's friggin midnight here #_#)


credit to hikaru aranaga


credit to hikaru aranaga

Anonymous said: how do you feel about hardensshipping? (archiexmaxie)

I’m indifferent, haha. Back in my Poketumblr days I might of had a more informed opinion, or at least based on the way the characters were portrayed.